NGOs, Campaign Groups & Issue Experts

Responsible 100 has a proud record of bringing those holding corporate power to account together with the very businesses they scrutinise.

We collaborate on the creation, improvement and deployment of scorecards working with a diverse range of organisations, under both commercial and non-commercial arrangements.

No responsibility issue can be properly understood without exploring diverse sources of expertise, knowledge and experience. We invite NGOs, campaigners, single issue groups, specialists and consultants, academics, trade bodies, government and others to contribute to scorecard development.

Benefits for subject matter experts include:

  • Representing those affected by the actions and inactions of business
  • Injecting a diversity of thought and of perspectives in shaping best responsible business practices
  • Various opportunities to identify, compile and deploy scorecards describing POOR, OKAY, GOOD and EXCELLENT standards of business policy and practice on critical responsibility issues affecting business and wider society
  • Increasingly valuable resources to scrutinise and assess businesses
  • New ways to hold business to account, and to assist business in identifying better ways of operating with greater positive impacts on people and planet, and fewer negative impacts
  • Participation in face-to-face roundtable meetings bringing businesses and "critical friends" together
  • Amplified efforts in examining business behaviours and their impacts, intended or otherwise, on the environment and on society

Information regarding fees for NGOs and campaign groups is set out in our FAQs.